Tooth whitening


Don’t we all want a smile that speaks confidence, personality and a good self-image? A smile always gives a positive perspective about a person’s nature. It is kind of a super-power that we all have; it can do wonders J in today’s world, whether people have stains/discolored teeth or not, everybody wishes to have brighter teeth. Brighter the teeth, more magnificent smile you have.


So what causes the teeth to become yellow??


A lot of people associate yellowish-teeth to stains or discoloration caused due to food and beverages they take. Well that is true, but a lot depends on genes too. It’s the genes that decide the structural thickness of the first (enamel) and second (dentin) layer, and the smoothness of the first layer. The second layer, dentin, shows more through a thinner enamel, giving the teeth a yellowish tinge. Surface texture, smooth or rough, also affects the amount of light reflected and, hence affects color. Therefore, factors affecting darker or yellowish teeth:

  • Beverages like tea, coffee, cold drinks, red wine, etc.
  • Naturally dark or yellowish teeth
  • Tooth decay
  • Cigarette smoking and tobacco chewing
  • Darkening of teeth with age

Sometimes stains can be of intrinsic nature. Those include stains caused due excessive in take fluoride in childhood, when teeth are in developing stage or intake of drugs like tetracycline by pregnant women in their 2nd trimester or by children of 8 yrs and below. Tooth whitening is more effective on extrinsic stains.


What procedures are to be followed for teeth whitening??


Teeth whitening procedures are planned according to patient’s priorities, like his/her time devotion and motivation to home-bleach. There are two types of bleaching methods:

  • Dentist supervised bleaching process :


  • In-office power bleaching :
  • Whitening gel applied to teeth and chemical reaction activated with heat , light or laser energy
  • Requires 2-4 visits , 45 minutes per session
  • Home bleaching might be recommended depending on the case
  • At-home dentist supervised bleaching :
  • Patients wear custom-fit trays with whitening gels in them at home every day for few hours each day or night
  • Trays can adjusted to lighten individual tooth
  • Trays are to be worn 2-5 weeks
  • These trays can be used again in the future in case of requirement


  • Unsupervised at-home bleaching process :
  • These are over-the-counter available bleaching kits
  • It is not advised to go for such kits since the trays don’t fit the mouth
  • Ill-fitted can cause harm to the jaws
  • The whitening gel overflows to the gums and can cause irritation
  • Might not get the results , hence not recommended


Teeth whitening can last from 1 to 3 years. The patient can always take bleaching kit from the dentist and do the whitening procedure at home with custom trays he/she got previously made. Tooth whitening is a dental cosmetic procedure and has been on rise since its invention. It has no side effect. People have started recognizing its cost-effective and favorable results. Available at your local clinic – Dentalbhaji:  Advanced Dental Care Chandigarh.


                                                                     AND A BRIGHTER LIFE!