Why Choose DentalBhaji ?

You might have numerous options for dental clinics , but we will give only a few reasons to convince you of our professionalism and commitment and why you should choose us .

Reasons to visit :-

An experience you can trust

We have been running a group of dental care and implant centers under ‘Dentition’ for more than 15 years and with minimal failure rate . 


We are running a chain of multi-specialty clinics , so one can expect all sorts of treatment under one roof .

Team Of Experts

We believe that a mastery of our field is as vital as heart to a body . And that’s why we keep an experienced staff that has the same perspective towards their profession . We have a team of expertise with good education background .

Patient Amenities

We try our best to go beyond our patient’s expectations . We provide our patients with pleasing ambience and comfortable environment , where you are treated like a family . 

Ethical Dental Care

We give in-depth consultation to our patients and try to be transparent with the treatments we provide .

Emergency & Convenience

We are now open on Sundays too !! 7 days a week !! So for those with tough working schedule can now come on Sundays .

Minimally Invasive Procedures

We believe in giving options that are least invasive and comfortable . We are among one of the few dental clinics that provide laser treatments and painless procedures .

High-End Technology

We at ‘Dentition’ use newest equipments available in the field of dentistry .

Anti-Anxiety Treatment

No more worries about anxiety , since we have experts in Sedative dentistry .

Value For Money

We provide the best of the services at nominal prices . We offer multiple paying options as well and are providing the first ever in a dental office – EMI schemes that suit your pocket .

We are also affliated as ‘Child Dental Care Centre and ‘Tobacco Intervention Initiative Centre’ by Indian Dental Association .

What we offer :

  • Cosmetic & aesthetic Dentistry
  • Dental implants with immediate crowns
  • Orthodontic treatments (With or Without braces)
  • Laser surgery
  • Crown & bridge
  • Instant teeth whitening
  • Single sitting root canal treatment
  • Impaction surgery
  • Oral trauma and fractures
  • Tobacco addiction rehabilitation
  • Children dental care
  • Removable and fixed dentures








Popular Hotspots For Dental Care & Services

It is now a common knowledge that third-world countries are emerging as new destinations for dental treatments . These include India , Thailand , China , Brazil , etc . Recent advancements in technology and their easy availability has made it possible for these countries to attract foreign patients .  Thousands of patients travel to India every year seeking affordable cosmetic and dental procedures .


But what exactly has caused this surge ?? Why last year more than 500,000 patients from first globe countries like US , UK , Canada and Australia , went for treatments abroad ?


A lot of factors come in to influence this decision :




   One of the biggest concern for a citizen of a developed nation is the skyrocketing costs of dental healthcare , the cost of which drops  drastically in other countries .

For instance , a filling costs a whopping 350 $ in US whereas it costs only 20 $ for the same  !

One can save upto 80% of the expenditure that he/she bears for procedures like root canal treatment and implants in US or UK , including travel costs .


2) Poor insurance benefits at their indigenous nations


With constant increase rise in costs of medical and dental procedures in their country , insurance schemes are not exactly at par with the needs of a patient . And hence , don’t benefit the patient much .


3) High Quality And Standard


With an upperhand of English speaking practitioners , India can give a more understanding environment to the patients . India now provides first globe high quality  procedures at 3rd world costs . With an increasing number of dental practitioners , competition rises , which further reduces the costs and increases the efficiency . Good private setups in India are now using latest equipments and methods to provide dental procedures and surgeries .


4) Added benefit of vacations at low rates


Often these patients come on vacation basis and start looking for good and famous practitioners . Along with the treatment , patient enjoys going to tourist destinations .


5) Easy Consultation


Patients can now take consultation from a doctor while sitting on another continent . Patients can email their x-rays and reports to the doctor and get the required procedures planned according to their visits .


We at DentalBhaji , are dealing with international brands of crowns like Bruxzir,czar,zirkonia and implants from Noble and are using newest equipments available in the field of dentistry . In no way do low rates of these procedures affect the quality of the treatment and the proficiency of our practitioners .