Sinus is the term given to anatomical cavities that exist within our body.There is one in the region of the cheek bone that is termed the Maxillary Sinus.
Our upper teeth especially the back ones often have their roots dipping into or in close proximity to the maxillary sinus. The natural response to tooth loss is a shrinkage in the amount of bone existing around the tooth that was, this means that if an upper tooth is lost there is a decrease in the height of bone beneath the sinus. In such a situation if the patient wants Implants it becomes impossible to insert the implant in such a diminished height of bone, thereby necessitating such a procedure that would restore the bone height.
This procedure is what we term as a sinus-lift. It is a very specialized procedure carried out under strict asepsis. Implants may be inserted at the same stage or at a later date depending on the situation.