Cosmetic bonding is a very exciting technique where specialised tooth coloured composite material is permanently bonded to your tooth using the latest dental adhesives.
Your dentist will discuss whether cosmetic bonding is the right treatment for you, but in many cases it can take the place of other more invasive treatments which require preparation of your tooth such as traditional veneers. This makes cosmetic bonding a popular choice for many dentistry patients.

Uses for cosmetic bonding

Cosmetic bonding can be used for a wide range of situations such as when a tooth is worn at its biting edge or where it meets your gum, when you have gaps between your teeth or where a tooth is an unusual shape. All these situations are very regularly treated using cosmetic bonding.
One of the best things about cosmetic bonding is that it is very kind to your teeth. No tooth substance is removed in the bonding process and so, if your cosmetic bonding is later removed, your tooth is just the same as before the treatment.
At The Dental Clinic our dental teams are highly skilled in the art and science of cosmetic bonding. We will be delighted to discuss your personal requirements and the suitability of cosmetic bonding with you as part of your custom treatment plan.