Why Choose DentalBhaji ?

You might have numerous options for dental clinics , but we will give only a few reasons to convince you of our professionalism and commitment and why you should choose us .

Reasons to visit :-

An experience you can trust

We have been running a group of dental care and implant centers under ‘Dentition’ for more than 15 years and with minimal failure rate . 


We are running a chain of multi-specialty clinics , so one can expect all sorts of treatment under one roof .

Team Of Experts

We believe that a mastery of our field is as vital as heart to a body . And that’s why we keep an experienced staff that has the same perspective towards their profession . We have a team of expertise with good education background .

Patient Amenities

We try our best to go beyond our patient’s expectations . We provide our patients with pleasing ambience and comfortable environment , where you are treated like a family . 

Ethical Dental Care

We give in-depth consultation to our patients and try to be transparent with the treatments we provide .

Emergency & Convenience

We are now open on Sundays too !! 7 days a week !! So for those with tough working schedule can now come on Sundays .

Minimally Invasive Procedures

We believe in giving options that are least invasive and comfortable . We are among one of the few dental clinics that provide laser treatments and painless procedures .

High-End Technology

We at ‘Dentition’ use newest equipments available in the field of dentistry .

Anti-Anxiety Treatment

No more worries about anxiety , since we have experts in Sedative dentistry .

Value For Money

We provide the best of the services at nominal prices . We offer multiple paying options as well and are providing the first ever in a dental office – EMI schemes that suit your pocket .

We are also affliated as ‘Child Dental Care Centre and ‘Tobacco Intervention Initiative Centre’ by Indian Dental Association .

What we offer :

  • Cosmetic & aesthetic Dentistry
  • Dental implants with immediate crowns
  • Orthodontic treatments (With or Without braces)
  • Laser surgery
  • Crown & bridge
  • Instant teeth whitening
  • Single sitting root canal treatment
  • Impaction surgery
  • Oral trauma and fractures
  • Tobacco addiction rehabilitation
  • Children dental care
  • Removable and fixed dentures









Have a tooth ache? Want to get teeth fixed? Have dirty and stained teeth? Your health is in your hands and so is your oral health. But what do you do when facing these situations? You look for your nearby dental office. With rising awareness among general population, people tend to look for something better than the next. Today we will discuss what things to look for in a dental setup and how to go about your survey for better clinics.

Dental care centers often have different style of working. No two clinics are similar, especially private setups and hospitals. Each patient has different expectations from a dental office and their priorities are different. One has to go beyond these and look for points that actually matter and prove an office’s worth. Dental Bhaji dental care clinic has listed some features that a patient should look for before going in for a treatment: –

1) Location & Timings :
One of the major deciding factors is location and timings. One can shortlist dental clinics in their city by simply looking for nearby ones and the ones that suit your schedule.

2) Professional Qualifications :
A dental office should be able to tell you about the practitioners and staffs qualification along with their experience. Most state dental boards have websites where one can verify the staff’s registeration as well as know any disciplinary actions taken against him/her.

3) Treatment costs :
One can talk to the staff and survey a couple of clinics to know which one suits the patient’s pocket best. One can look for multiple payment options. Whether they accept insurances or not or if they provide schemes that offer EMIs for costly treatments.

4) Multiple Specialists :
It is important to know that not one dentist can perform extractions, braces, root canal therapies, etc. There are different specialists for different treatments. Always look for clinics that have a few specialists in their staff.

5) Ask Friends And Family :-
You can always ask your friends and cousins for guidance. Ask them which one they went to or regularly go to and whether they liked the services or not.

6) Services provided :-
More the number of services provided by the clinic, the better equipped and services will be. Not to forget that these services are provided by particular specialists.

7) Up-to-date technology and hygiene of the clinic is important. You can directly inquire about it and if the staff shows signs of reluctance answering your questions, start looking for another clinic.

8) Personal Comfort :
Another factor that is important for the patient is personal comfort. This can vary depending on whether the patient likes the ambience or not and whether the doctor is understanding or not.

So, one should look for these features before deciding on a dental office. Knowledge of these points are vital for the quality of treatment you wish for.

Popular Hotspots For Dental Care & Services

It is now a common knowledge that third-world countries are emerging as new destinations for dental treatments . These include India , Thailand , China , Brazil , etc . Recent advancements in technology and their easy availability has made it possible for these countries to attract foreign patients .  Thousands of patients travel to India every year seeking affordable cosmetic and dental procedures .


But what exactly has caused this surge ?? Why last year more than 500,000 patients from first globe countries like US , UK , Canada and Australia , went for treatments abroad ?


A lot of factors come in to influence this decision :




   One of the biggest concern for a citizen of a developed nation is the skyrocketing costs of dental healthcare , the cost of which drops  drastically in other countries .

For instance , a filling costs a whopping 350 $ in US whereas it costs only 20 $ for the same  !

One can save upto 80% of the expenditure that he/she bears for procedures like root canal treatment and implants in US or UK , including travel costs .


2) Poor insurance benefits at their indigenous nations


With constant increase rise in costs of medical and dental procedures in their country , insurance schemes are not exactly at par with the needs of a patient . And hence , don’t benefit the patient much .


3) High Quality And Standard


With an upperhand of English speaking practitioners , India can give a more understanding environment to the patients . India now provides first globe high quality  procedures at 3rd world costs . With an increasing number of dental practitioners , competition rises , which further reduces the costs and increases the efficiency . Good private setups in India are now using latest equipments and methods to provide dental procedures and surgeries .


4) Added benefit of vacations at low rates


Often these patients come on vacation basis and start looking for good and famous practitioners . Along with the treatment , patient enjoys going to tourist destinations .


5) Easy Consultation


Patients can now take consultation from a doctor while sitting on another continent . Patients can email their x-rays and reports to the doctor and get the required procedures planned according to their visits .


We at DentalBhaji , are dealing with international brands of crowns like Bruxzir,czar,zirkonia and implants from Noble and are using newest equipments available in the field of dentistry . In no way do low rates of these procedures affect the quality of the treatment and the proficiency of our practitioners . 



Why to leave and How to leave Tobacco??

Did you know that tobacco use kills nearly 6 million people worldwide each year? Tobacco is the second leading cause of disease and death, with more than 5 million deaths occurring due to direct tobacco use and more than 600,000 due to exposure from second-hand smoking. Despite being a preventable cause, this man-made epidemic only continues to grow.  India being the second largest consumer of tobacco globally, accounts for approximately one-sixth of the world’s tobacco-related deaths. On this ‘World No Tobacco Day’, we wish to guide our readers, smokers and non-smokers, about tobacco’s harmful effects.

Tobacco consumption is of two types- smoked tobacco and smokeless tobacco. It is the nicotine present in tobacco that affects our body in two ways:

  • Every single puff from a cigarette or chewing tobacco hits like dose of nicotine, which enters the bloodstream.


 This stimulates adrenal gland to release epinephrine,


 This further act on the central nervous system to increase blood pressure, respiration and heart rate


  • Nicotine increases levels of neurotransmitter dopamine


     This affects brain pathways that control reward & pleasure.


                                         Continuous use




                  Additional compounds increase dependence

Tobacco consumption have adverse effects that can lead to serious ailments and eventual early death. 


The government and various NGOs are taking major steps to curb tobacco consumption. Though the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has taken various initiatives to spread awareness against tobacco’s harmful effects , a large number of young population still remains vulnerable and are constantly persuaded to take up tobacco till it becomes an addiction . Consumed in any form, tobacco gives results within seconds. It puts the consumer at ease and pleasure, which lasts for 25-30 minutes and hence becoming highly addictive. One must lookout for following situations that often make people that the wrong decision of taking up the habit.

dental hospital

  How to treat tobacco addiction?

Tobacco addiction is considered as a chronic disease that often requires multiple attempts to quit. Following are the methods used to treat tobacco addiction:

  • Nicotine replacement therapy :

            This includes:-

  • Nicotine chewing gums
  • Nicotine transdermal patch
  • Nasal spray
  • Inhalers
  • Lozenges
  • A controlled dose of nicotine is given to the patient to avoid withdrawal syndromes (irritability , attention difficulties , sleep disturbances ,increased appetite , powerful cravings for tobacco)
  • Drugs like bupropion and varenicline are non-nicotine medications that are used for smoking cessation.
  • Behavioral intervention (counseling)

 Often behavioural intervention and medications go side by side since together they give more effective results . Further researches are going in developing new smoking cessation therapies, like a nicotine vaccine.

We, the team Dentition, have our own IDA (Indian Dental Association) affiliated “Tobacco Intervention Initiative Centre”. In this feature, we not only provide oral care, but also counseling and treatment for tobacco consumption. Success of this treatment depends a lot on patient’s motivation and his/her family support.                          

                              It is never too late to quit a habit

                                     Or help a loved one quit.







Tooth whitening


Don’t we all want a smile that speaks confidence, personality and a good self-image? A smile always gives a positive perspective about a person’s nature. It is kind of a super-power that we all have; it can do wonders J in today’s world, whether people have stains/discolored teeth or not, everybody wishes to have brighter teeth. Brighter the teeth, more magnificent smile you have.


So what causes the teeth to become yellow??


A lot of people associate yellowish-teeth to stains or discoloration caused due to food and beverages they take. Well that is true, but a lot depends on genes too. It’s the genes that decide the structural thickness of the first (enamel) and second (dentin) layer, and the smoothness of the first layer. The second layer, dentin, shows more through a thinner enamel, giving the teeth a yellowish tinge. Surface texture, smooth or rough, also affects the amount of light reflected and, hence affects color. Therefore, factors affecting darker or yellowish teeth:

  • Beverages like tea, coffee, cold drinks, red wine, etc.
  • Naturally dark or yellowish teeth
  • Tooth decay
  • Cigarette smoking and tobacco chewing
  • Darkening of teeth with age

Sometimes stains can be of intrinsic nature. Those include stains caused due excessive in take fluoride in childhood, when teeth are in developing stage or intake of drugs like tetracycline by pregnant women in their 2nd trimester or by children of 8 yrs and below. Tooth whitening is more effective on extrinsic stains.


What procedures are to be followed for teeth whitening??


Teeth whitening procedures are planned according to patient’s priorities, like his/her time devotion and motivation to home-bleach. There are two types of bleaching methods:

  • Dentist supervised bleaching process :


  • In-office power bleaching :
  • Whitening gel applied to teeth and chemical reaction activated with heat , light or laser energy
  • Requires 2-4 visits , 45 minutes per session
  • Home bleaching might be recommended depending on the case
  • At-home dentist supervised bleaching :
  • Patients wear custom-fit trays with whitening gels in them at home every day for few hours each day or night
  • Trays can adjusted to lighten individual tooth
  • Trays are to be worn 2-5 weeks
  • These trays can be used again in the future in case of requirement


  • Unsupervised at-home bleaching process :
  • These are over-the-counter available bleaching kits
  • It is not advised to go for such kits since the trays don’t fit the mouth
  • Ill-fitted can cause harm to the jaws
  • The whitening gel overflows to the gums and can cause irritation
  • Might not get the results , hence not recommended


Teeth whitening can last from 1 to 3 years. The patient can always take bleaching kit from the dentist and do the whitening procedure at home with custom trays he/she got previously made. Tooth whitening is a dental cosmetic procedure and has been on rise since its invention. It has no side effect. People have started recognizing its cost-effective and favorable results. Available at your local clinic – Dentalbhaji:  Advanced Dental Care Chandigarh.


                                                                     AND A BRIGHTER LIFE!






As an architect is to a building, an orthodontist is to a smile. Perhaps that’s why they are so famously called the ‘Smile Architects’. But unlike the popular old notion that an orthodontic treatment is to get ‘prettier smiles’, it rather covers various dento-facial anomalies unknown to the common man.

Most common patient complaints include irregularly positioned teeth, spacing, crooked or protruded teeth. So what is the right time to start the treatment? The correct age for an orthodontic screening is no later than 7 yrs of age, since enough jaw growth happens by then, current or future problems can be identified and most permanent molars and incisors are out.

Why at such a young age? It is because initial stages are much easier to deal and require shorter treatment time. There are many important benefits as well:
– Skeletal disharmony of the face can be detected and accordingly growth of the jaw can be guided
– Width of the jaws can regulated as per facial aesthetics
– Guide eruption of permanent tooth into desirable positions
– Reduce likelihood of impacted permanent tooth
– Preserve / gain space for permanent teeth that are coming in
– Lower risk of trauma to protruded front teeth
– Correct harmful habits
– Reduce or eliminate abnormal swallowing or speech problems

What are the consequences when you put-off the treatment?? More the delay, more complex the problem becomes and repercussions follow:
– Treatment becomes difficult and lengthy
– More painful
– Increase cost
– Increase risk of infection
– Longer recovery time
– Patient has to take more time off from work for treatment and recovery

Duration of the treatment? It ranges from 1 to 3 years depending on the case. If treatment is done at early stages, it may take even 1 year. But a lot depends on the severity of the problem, patient’s growth response and cooperation of the patient.

Why orthodontic treatments are important?? Crooked or crowded teeth are hard to maintain. This leads to a cycle of events that involve tooth decay, gum diseases and eventual tooth loss. There is abnormal wear of teeth surfaces, inefficient chewing, excessive stress on gums and underlying bone and even misalignment of jaw joints.

One should look out for signs or habits like:
– Early / late loss of baby teeth
– Difficulty in chewing and biting
– Mouth breathing
– Thumb / finger sucking
– Misaligned teeth
– Misplaced or blocked out teeth
– Jaws that shift or make sounds
– Biting cheek or roof of the mouth
– Teeth that meet abnormally
– Jaws and teeth that are out of proportion to the rest of the face

An orthodontic treatment is a sequence of monthly appointments that requires serious time commitment. Though an investment, we at Dentition provide payment plans in case of monetary concerns. Let’s not forget that a good smile with pleasing facial aesthetics not only boosts your self-esteem but also your social interaction as well as future career aspects.

Importance Of A Dental Check-up?? Why and When

Why is it that people, even ones coming from educated sections of the society, don’t prefer visiting a dental clinic? Or why is it that a person will keep taking painkillers till a toothache subsides, but not get it checked for the cause? Apparently people are hardwired to averse to anything that requires time and money. People tend to go for easy solutions to a problem, than look for the root cause. And they keep doing so till a time comes when they run out of solutions. Ignoring what should be done not only makes it more risky but it also magnifies the situation since the cause prevails. What could have been solved with a minor filling, becomes an extraction case after few years. But it doesn’t end here. Such ignorance can lead to unforeseeable consequence that affect your general health.

How are oral and general health related??

Our oral health is a gateway to general health and our mouth serves as a ‘window’ to our body. It is not only important for providing nutrition but also for social interaction and self-esteem. Just like systemic disorders have an effect on oral health, poor oral conditions have an impact on general health as well. Many oral lesions can be a sign of underlying systemic diseases.

For instance:
– certain medications — such as decongestants, antihistamines, painkillers, diuretics and antidepressants — can reduce saliva flow , further leading to tooth decay
– oral bacteria and the inflammation associated with periodontitis (a severe form of gum disease) might play a role in some diseases
– certain diseases, such as diabetes and HIV/AIDS, can lower the body’s resistance to infection, making oral health problems more severe

In recent population based studies, it has been proven that poor oral conditions are significantly associated with major chronic diseases. Following are some of the conditions that are related to poor oral hygiene:

1) Endocarditis – can occur because of the bacteria present in the oral cavity
2) Cardiovascular Diseases –
> Heart disease
> Arthrosclerosis
> Stroke
3) Pregnancy – Associated with
 premature birth
 low birth weight
4) Bacterial Pneumonia

Certain conditions also might affect your oral health, including:
• Diabetes
• Osteoporosis
• Alzheimer’s disease

Other conditions that might be linked to oral health include eating disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, head and neck cancers, and Sjogren’s syndrome (an immune system disorder that causes dry mouth.

Dental Health Foundation, Ireland has rightly stated that ‘Oral disease is the most widespread chronic disease, despite being highly preventable’. Hence, apart from practicing a good oral regimen, one must make it a duty that he/she gets a dental check-up every 6 six months. Regular check-ups can help your dentist detect potential problems you might not be aware of. During a check-up, your dentist will examine

: –
– Mouth : for tooth decay , plaque and tartar, or gum disease
– Tongue , throat , head , neck and face : swellings that can be potential cancer signs

It is important to remember that teeth cleaning and regular dental check-ups are necessary to maintain a good oral as well as general health regardless of any age.